The Explanation of Imam An-Nawawi’s 40 Hadith

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Shaikh, Dr. Salīh Al-Fawzān

About the Book: The book, “Forty Hadiths” by the great scholar and specialist in many fields of knowledge. Al-Imam Yahya bin Sharaf An-Nawawi may Allah shower blessings on him — contains a collection of narrations with simple expressions entailing comprehensive meanings from the Messenger of Allah (Peace and blessings be upon him), generally called Ahadith al-Jawami’.

Al-Imam An-Nawawi may Allah shower blessings on him so carefully selected authentic narrations to widely cover the issues of pillars of Islam and Eeman, excellent manners, good conduct and other noble deeds and some fundamentals of Adjudication. And by Allah’s Will, the book has had great positive impacts and found acceptance amongst the Muslims generation after generation. Allah the Almighty Alone knows the number of commentaries and explanations of “Forty Hadith by an An-Nawaw that has been given by the people of knowledge and their students over time.

This commentary of “Forty Hadith by An-Nawawi” was given during lectures delivered by the Eminent Shaykh, Dr Salih bin Fawzan bin Abdullah Al-Fawzan – may Allah preserve him upon goodness – after the Fajr Prayers at the Hammad As-Salamah Mosque in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in the year 1426 AH. The audios were painstakingly transcribed and edited to give the original Arabic text depended on for this work. We beseech Allah the Mighty and Sublime to make it beneficial to all and reward the author of the text and the one who gave the commentary with the best of rewards in both worlds, Amin.

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