Bookstore Faq

There is a good chance that the product you want has either run out or we can still source it and order it in for you. So, it is well worth calling us or visiting the store to see what we can do to help.

Generally, new stock arrives on a regular basis, either weekly or fortnightly. However, if the supplier has stock issues then it can take longer.

Markaz Faq

Currently, we do not offer such services to the community.

Yes, there are weekly lessons that are catered for new Muslims or those who want to study the basics.

Yes, all adult lessons, conferences, and seminars on in the Markaz are free of charge.

By contacting the M.I.S Qur’an school headteacher or visiting during Madrasah hours (Sat and Sun Girls 9am-12pm & Boys 2pm-5pm) and speaking to on of the teachers.

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